Liaison, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation

Liaison and escort interpretation is usually required during business trips, visits to factories, tours or business meetings. Liaison interpreters interpret from and into both languages and serve as nexus among parties speaking different languages, acting in communication situations which are rather spontaneous, flexible and relaxed for everyone involved.

In consecutive interpretation, a speaker (in technical meetings, negotiation tables or press conferences) produces a speech while the interpreter renders it in another language, generally with the aid of notes. The speaker makes pauses so that the interpreter can provide his/her rendition during such intermissions.

Simultaneous interpretation requires the use of an interpretation booth, receivers, a sound system in the room, etc. It consists in the simultaneous rendition of the speaker’s speech in a different language. While the speaker produces his/her speech, the interpreter –working from a sound-proof booth– delivers it in another language, almost without pauses. The audience is previously provided with headphones to that end. This kind of interpretation is usually used for conferences, symposiums and seminars.

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